Drew's latest pics

A few weeks ago we made a trip to see our friend Amy Doerring, she's done all of Drew's pictures since he was in utero.  She once again made me smile.  She snapped all of these pictures in a matter of 45 minutes and would take longer if I wanted, but really she knows how to make me happy and I don't need a ton of pictures, just a few of my little guy.  We took one of Brendan's John Deere tractors from when he was a little boy and she captured Drew with it.  She also got him with his favorite red shades on, he wears these all the time and really seems to like them.  I found them at the Target in the dollar spot!  She also did one spur of the moment family picture, as you can see my hair is curly, which means I put mousse in it after showering and she had Brendan take his tie off to take the pic, but I think it's pretty cute.

You can check out the Amy's blog post of our pictures HERE on her blog.

You can also check out my sisters bump of her twin boys in Amy's blog post of

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Julie S. said...

Aww, your handsome little guy is a charmer! :) LOVE!

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