Miracles really do happen

Remember how I wrote a post about my heart aching? It was about our neighbor and friend being killed in a motorcycle accident. Well, I received a call from his wife the other day, and you'll never believe what she told me.....She's pregnant with their second child. She was overjoyed, but it's so bittersweet for her. How does she go this alone? This is supposed to be such a happy occasion and yet her husband is not here to celebrate the miracle they have made together. As she and I were talking she did tell me that it's something for her to look forward to. She said her husband always wanted their daughter to have a sibling and now she will.

I truly believe that God works miracles and only he knows what plans he has in store for us. Our neighbor was laid to rest on Thursday and his wife found out she was pregnant the very next day.   The circle of life is much greater than I can ever fathom.  I ask you to please pray for my sweet friend and neighbor, she is going through so many emotions right now and I know she could use all the positive thoughts and prayers we could all offer. 


Julie S. said...

Wow, this gives me goosebumps. I will definitely be praying for her.

Mrs. Case said...

have her google the blog "rollin' with the rooneys." erin can relate probably better than anyone.

praying for your friend.

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