We're leaving on a jet plane

All 3 of us! This will be Drew's first plane ride and although I'm excited, I'm terrified that we will become THAT family with a screaming child.... Lord help he doesn't scream the entire time.

I have my ammo packed; a travel magna doodle, snacks, puzzles, books and his toy tracker. Oh, and of course Mr. Cow, Drew's lovie. He goes everywhere with us. Each of our two flights are just 1 hour in duration so I'm hoping and praying he's so enthralled with everything there will be no issues. I shall report back on Tuesday.

Anything I'm missing? I obviously have our diaper bag going with us as well as an extra outfit, Tylenol, and a couple of juice boxes. Drew's not a fan if juice but I figure it couldn't hurt in case if emergency, ya know?!???
Anything else? I feel like there's something huge I missing....

I hope everyone has a very happy and safe Labor Day weekend!!

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Jenn Baumgartner said...

have fun! i have found vacationing with a little one to be much more work, but also much more fun! hope you enjoy yourselves ;)

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