What I'll be wearing this fall

With fall fast approaching I've already started thinking about what I'm going to be wearing this fall. Yep, I'm that strange, I think about this kind of thing. So I went to my new favorite website Pinterest and started looking around. I used to go to Polyvore and create my own boards, but Pinterest has made it that much easier for me to find looks that I love.  Why re-invent the wheel when it already works pretty well? 

So anyway I started stashing looks away in oh June for this fall.  Then I recently dug them out to see what I had in my closet that would work.  Thankfully the trends haven't changed to drastically this year and again I'll be wearing long cardi's, scarves and skinny jeans with boots. 

This year there are more pops of color being seen, which I love! Add one statement color piece to a look and it gives it new life.
I'm also loving mixing black and browns this fall. Why not pair a black dress with brown riding boots? I don't see why not!
Layers are huge this fall and I'm loving it!  a cardi can do so much for texturing a look.  It can also hide my butt in skinny jeans...

I would love to have a bright pea coat like this! 

I love having these looks together, it helps me wrap my brain around what look I'm going for.  If any of these boards were created by you, please let me know and I'm happy to give credit where credit is due.

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rajaasad said...

nice pictures i like your blog

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