Grand Cayman recap

We arrived in Grand Cayman and instantly I was in love. The air was warm, it smelled of blooming flowers and who wouldn't love a tropical island. Brendan and I went on this vacation sans Drew and he did great while we were away. I swear he looked bigger when we got back.

While in Grand Cayman we stayed on Seven Mile Beach at the Ritz-Carlton.  We absolutely loved the resort, couldn't beat the beach or the service.   The weather was scorching hot while we were there, so being near the water during the day was a must.  We also indulged in a couples massage, which was heavenly.  However, we always seem to question why we get couples massages, we don't talk at all during the time we are in there.  I guess you could say our love radiates......kidding. 

We went into Georgetown to shop for souvenirs one day.  A little tip, go when there aren't too many cruise ships docked.  Each cruise ship adds about 2000 people to the small town of Georgetown. 

On the streets, they have painted Iguanas

Speaking of Iggy, yep these dudes were all over!  Just chillin by the pool, or under your lounge chair. Some creeped me out, they were pretty large.

We had the opportunity to go to Sting Ray City and swim with the huge Rays.  It was a bit daunting at first, but they were super friendly and even liked being held.

Her name is Bertha...

We also ate at some awesome restaurants!  If you ever go to Grand Cayman, we would highly Recommend Agua.  I had the mushroom risotto and it was the best risotto I've ever had.  Brendan had fish and he too said it was awesome!

One night we ate at Deckers and again Brendan being ever so predictable had fish....I had a stuffed chicken breasts that was tasty. 

Our favorite restaurant we ate at was La Dolce Vita.  It was a small Italian restaurant and we made reservations so we could watch the sunset.  Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy that evening, but the wine was great, food was fabulous and we sat right next to the ocean.

All in all we had a great time.  It was so relaxing and we truly enjoyed just being together.

If anyone is looking to go to Grand Cayman, GOOOOO!  It was amazing, we loved it!

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