Let's play catch-up

I've been in a blog slump lately and it's not intentional, just had a bit going on. So let's play catch up.

-I recently was asked to come back to my old position as an academic advisor at a high school. My current job working for a federally funded grant is ending. This time, the job at the high school is 4 hours a day, a perfect mom job. Let's hope they don't cut it this time.

-I still have yet to post pics from our Grand Cayman trip...I know I'm horrible!

- We are plugging away at our basement renovation and I promise to post pictures of our new e-gress window soon.

-Currently, I feel like life is flying before my eyes and I can't slow it down. I need 28 hours in a day to feel like I can get everything accomplished.

-Drew's language has exploded and now that child is a talking machine.

-This blog post is sooooo not interesting.....I'm boring these days!
-I'm thinking of having Drew be a monkey for Halloween, what do ya think? Yay or Nay?

I will post pics and more interesting topics very soon.

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