Drew's first big boy haircut

This past week we decided Drew's locks were looking a big shaggy, we've got to keep things trimmed up and lookin good for the ladies!! I happened to have a hair appointment and my stylist could get Drew in right before me. Drew wasn't fond of the water bottle she used to spray down his hair but a few crackers and a bouncy ball later, he only wiggled a bit so she could trim up those locks. Thankfully she was so patient and could cut his baby curls as he acted like he was dodging a bullet.

The end result, an adorable big boy haircut that makes me tear up. Where did my baby go?


This was taken about a month ago, so it was a tad longer still.

Not so sure about this people...but I have my handy dandy cheese cracker as my sidekick.

WOAH... Excuse me?!? What are those sharp things near my head?

Oooohhhh, this spray bottle is mighty fun!

Stellar!! A bouncy ball! I could get used to this.

What do ya think? Am I a big boy or what?

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WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Aww, he sat really well!! We haven't been brave enough to cut Mason's hair yet!

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