18 weeks

Lovely self portrait huh!

I hit the 18 week mark today, I still can not believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. With Drew I wanted to speed everything up, with this one, I need things to slow down, way down! We have too many projects we want to get done before April. Not to mention Drew's 2nd birthday in March.

Let's talk about 18 weeks, I can tell my bump is getting a bit larger and I can now feel the baby daily. With this pregnancy I felt this peanut much sooner than I did with Drew. It truly is the best feeling ever, I love each little thumb and bump. My chest has also decided it was feeling a little envious of my bump and they have decided to expand exponentially. I'm still feeling pretty darn good, not uncomfortable, just trucking along. The coffee at work still makes my stomach turn every single day, and I can't drink coffee at all. When I was pregnant with Drew I could stomach a decaf mocha here and there, this time no way. It's so strange how little thigs like that happen. My migraines have seem to taper off, I've only had 2 in the past 2 weeks, which is a vast improvement. We go back to the doctor for our anatomy scan in a few weeks, I'm very excited to see the peanut again. We are going to a perinatologist to have the scan done, my OB would like them to check out peanut's heart due to my heart issues, just to make sure everything is a-ok. All in all, doing great, peanut is kicking away! Have a great weekend everyone!

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aliciamarie911 said...

What a cute little baby bump you have! Also, a very cute doggy, too!

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