Halloween at our house

This past weekend we had our beggars night and Drew got all dressed up in his Monkey Suit, literally, he was a monkey.  I purchased his costume in August, yep I'm that mom!  I found it at Crazy 8 and had it shipped to our house.  I ended up ordering him a 3T, which was a big big, but still worked out great because it was chilly out that evening.  Drew's pumpkin is from Pottery Barn kids, I purchased it last year and it's cloth and should last us for years to come.

Drew didn't actually go trick or treating because let's face it, he doesn't know what's going on and he's never had candy before, and it was very cold.  So instead we stopped by my parents house, my sisters house and our neighbors houses to show off the adorable monkey that we had on our hands.  We then came home and both Drew and Ruby wore their costumes as we handed out candy to the kiddos that came to our door. 

Ruby looks very enthused about her costume, doesn't she?

That Friday night we carved our pumpkins and we decided to go with a combo of things I posted in Pumpkins Galore.

Brendan did the artistic work and I did the small ones with the holes.  We ended up using Brendan's drill to make the holes big enough.  we also have to cut a hole in the back so that the candle could get enough oxygen.

So there you have, a pretty low-key Halloween but we all enjoyed it!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween as well!

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