Thankful Thursday

I know it's Friday, but let's just go with it. I linked up with Kelly at Our Silly Rodriquez family,  check out her Thankful Thursday edition!  Plus, her little man is too die for! Seriously, I melt!

Ok, so what I am thankful for...This is hard one, I only have 4 Thursdays, yet there is so much I truly am thankful for!  Today I'm going with my little family, Brendan, Drew and Ruby, plus this little peanut I'm brewing. 

Brendan and I met 8 years ago and I am so very thankful our paths crossed and we ended up together.  He is my best friend, my soul mate and the best daddy.  Brendan can make me laugh no matter how angry I am, and get me laughing until I'm in tears.  He knows how to comfort me at my weakest moments and love me unconditionally so that I feel loved every single day.  When Drew came along he didn't miss a beat in becoming a father, it seemed natural to him.  I know this is so cliche to say, but he completes me.  I honestly don't know where I'd be or what I would do without Brendan.

My little man Drew, I don't even know where to start.  This little boy brings such joy to my life.  He is at such a fun age right now, but every stage has been a blast.  I can only imagine it just keeps getting better from here on out.  Drew is such a blessing and a gift from God that each and every day I am so thankful I am his momma.  We went through a difficult phase trying to have him, but I've always known everything is in God's plan and now I know why we went through two miscarriages before Drew, otherwise we wouldn't have him.  Drew makes me smile each and every day and I can honestly say, I love being his mom, he has made me a better person and a more patient and caring one as well.  His hugs can turn my day around in a second, his smile makes my heart warm and his sweet face makes everything we went through completely worth it.

We adopted Ruby almost 4 years ago and man oh man is she still my baby!  She is the sweetest little girl, and my snuggle bug.  Ruby was abused before we adopted her from the Humane Society and was so sad and scared, it broke my heart.  All we know about her previous home was that she was on a farm, had no positive human contact and had never had a bath.  This all within her first 3 months of life, so sad! We have trained Ruby ourselves but I have to say, it's been pretty darn easy.  She listens so well, will walk with us without a leash, and stays very close by when we are in our front yard.  She absolutely loves Drew and gives him kisses all the time.  We were nervous when Drew was born how ruby would react, because she's just a little spoiled.  She did great, we've had no problems, knock on wood, and Ruby has not missed a beat.
We are so very lucky that our lives crossed Ruby's path, I'm so very thankful we decided to make the jump to adopt a puppy when we did. 

Here's what you do now, go to Kelly's blog and link up for Thankful Thursday, and dont' forget to link up every Thursday in November!


Jaybee said...

I love the ''Thankful Thursdays'' blog idea. I'm going to do it. Your little one is too cute by the way! :)

Kelly said...

Your family is absolutely gorgeous and I loved learning a little more about your beautiful crew today!

Love reading thankful posts :) Thanks for linking up!


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