16 weeks

This past week I crossed the 16 week mark. I'm thinking this time around I'll update every two weeks until 20 weeks.

I'm feeling good, can't complain about anything. My migraines are getting less frequent, my energy level is back to somewhat normal and all around doing pretty well.

We are feverishly working on projects to get the house ready for the Peanut. We are finishing our basement. By April we intend to have the living room and bedroom done, along with a finished storage area. Then later on we'll add a third bathroom and office nook. So far Brendan has everything framed up and today the heating company is coming to move duct work, then it's electrical and insulation.

On the main floor of our house we are moving Drew to his new big boy room aka the current guest room and Peanut will go in the nursery. I've picked out the paint color for Drew's new room and now we need to finish his big boy bed my grandpa built for him. We are moving him to a single bed after Christmas. I've been scouting out decor options for a big boy room and a gender neutral nursery. Drew's nursery was very serene and I loved it, this time I'm going to bring more color into the room.

So there you have what we've been up to and a 16 week update. Hope everyone is having a great week!

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