20 weeks

Dress: Gap
Shirt: Liz Lange maternity for Target
Tights: J.Crew
Boots: Steve Madden
(I've gotten a few emails in regards to where my clothes come from, so I thought I'd make it easy and just post it under the weekly pic.)

Holy guacamole, I'm 20 weeks pregnant! I seriously can not believe I am half way done. When I was pregnant with Drew I wanted everything to hurry, get the baby here, this time I need time to slow down, way down, we have a lot of projects to complete oh and a little thing called Christmas to celebrate in the mean time. I'm ignoring the fact that my little boy will also turn 2 prior to Peanut's arrival, I'm in denial!

Yesterday we had our 20 week anatomy scan and the perinatal services and Peanut looked great, all the right parts in the right places. Our OB wanted them to check out Peanut's heart due to my heart issues and everything looked spot on. They gave us a CD with a whole slew of pictures on them that I have yet to upload. Peanut was waving the whole time and all the measurements for Peanut were perfect.

There was one little bit of concern about the insertion measurement of the cord. This is where the cord attaches to the placenta, normally it would attach smack dab in the middle, mine however wanted to be an individual and attach very close to the edge of my placenta. From here on out we will have a growth ultra sound each visit. Having the cord so close to the edge could hinder the growth of Peanut, but our OB was very optimistic that there would be no need to worry, they will just monitor Peanut's growth each visit from here on out.

Overall, we had an excellent visit and Peanut is growing just perfectly and developing right on track, what more could we ask for? As for Peanut's sex, we are what you call Team green, we wait until Peanut's birth to find that out. Yesterday the tech said Peanut's knees were together so she would have to go hunting for the sex and there is no reason to do that other than if the parents want to know. So we could be having another little boy or a little girl, we shall see in April.


Anonymous said...

So glad things are going well and "yay!!" for not finding out till it's born--we get so few real surprises in life now. You look Great!!

CampDallas said...

Looking lovely!! And hooray for not finding out the gender until birth - I love surprises! :-)

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