21 weeks

This past weekend I passed the 21 week mark. Peanut is now measured from crown to toes instead of crown to rump. No real major changes since my 20
Week post. We had a quad screening done, and everything came back normal. This past week Brendan was able to feel Peanut move on the outside of my belly, and you can now seen my belly jump when Peanut is really moving. Maybe this baby has a future playing soccer like his/her mommy and daddy.

Lately I have caught myself calling Peanut a he or referring to
the baby as him. We by no means have any idea of the sex of Peanut. I personally think it's a boy and Brendan a girl. We have decided on a boy name, again it's a family name as was Andrew(Drew). Girl names on the other hand, we are oh so stumped! So help us out, what are your favorite girl names? We like a bit more traditional names, but maybe something with a modernish nickname, think Drew... I'm so clever...

A few out takes for you, with some guest appearances.

Drew kept looking in the mirror saying " hi Drew".

They didn't want you to
Forget they're around these parts too!

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The Riesbergs said...

girl name = Kendyl

Courtney said...

We had a really tough time with girls names, but decided on Reese Leighton for our 5 month old. Others that were high on the list were Ava, Quinn, and Whitney.

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