Spaghetti and carrots

Our toddler Drew is one picky eater. He has about 6 foods that he will eat no problem, everything else is a bit of a toss up. Sometimes he'll eat it but most times it's a no go. Drew loves fruit and will eat any piece of fruit no problema. However, set a veggie in front of this child and it's basically a waste of your time. We've literally tried every veggie on this planet and all have been turned down.
Being the sneaky mom that I am I was reading the Deceptively Delicious cookbook to get some ideas as to how to incorporate veggies in this child's diet. Well, although the cookbook is great, most of the food in the book Drew won't touch. I needed to get veggies in his go to foods. That evening we were dining on spaghetti with ground turkey and red sauce. I use whole wheat pasta as well because apparently Drew doesn't mind whole wheat anything, just every veggie. I steamed carrots and blend them in our food processor then added the carrot purée to the red sauce. It was a hit! Brendan tried the sauce first and couldn't taste the carrot, then Drew was up next and devoured his pasta and sauce. Score, he finally ate a veggie. He was unaware but that's beside the point. We are on our way to having this picky eater eat veggies!

What carrots?

Me likey

Now I'm trying to find other purees I can incorporate into his diet. Up next; banana bread with cauliflower.

If any one has any good recipes that incorporate pureed veggies, I'm all ears.

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