28 weeks

28 weeks has come and gone. If everything goes as planned I have 11 weeks left until my scheduled c-section. This past week I had my 1 hour glucose test and passed! My doctor said everything looks great and Peanut's heart rate was a steady 150bpm. 150 is exactly where Drew's heart rate was the entire pregnancy.

I've now started to notice that I get winded more easily, especially when wearing heels. I've also noticed I am hot all the time. Poor Brendan has to sleep in our room at night bundled up like a Sherpa. In my office at work my boss gave me this amazing box fan that keeps me cool all day, my co-workers think I'm a bit on the loony side but my internal heater keeps toasty every minute.

I also have an appointment to see my cardiologist next month. Since my heart seems to be cooperating he wants to see me one month prior to delivery. He'll run and EKG and an echo (ultra sound of my heart) to determine if my aortic valve leakage is worsening. However, the palpitations are no where to be found, which is a fabulous thing. If everything is on track he will the do another round of tests post delivery and then see me in 1 year. With my heart condition I will now see him yearly for an echo for the rest of my life. Not ideal, but it is what it is. He did suggest that at some point way down the line I will have to have a valve replacement. If you're new to my blog, I have a mild leakage of my aortic valve due to what I like to call the "perfect storm" during my last delivery with Drew. Too much fluid, too many hours in labor, an enlarged heart etc. All of this has created permanent damage to my heart.

So anyway, that's where we are at 28 weeks. Still trucking along!

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Carissa said...

Looking great Abby!! Can't wait to meet the new addition!

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