29 weeks

The bump is getting bigger by the day! Peanut now can weigh anywhere from 2-3lbs. That's just nuts people! You'd think I'd remember what it feels like to be 29 weeks pregnant but I don't! It's crazy what I've forgotten from when I was carrying Drew.

So let's see, this week I threw in the towel and called my cardiologist. I've been having palpitations for about a week and at first I thought they were a fluke, but they've been getting more frequent, so I do need to go. I have an appointment tomorrow for an echo and an EKG. Most likely he'll run the tests and put me on a monitor for 1 week. Then I'll most likely be put on medication. Thankfully last time the meds worked wonders and I felt a ton better.

When these palpitations come and go it makes my body feel exhausted. Overly tired doesn't cover it, my heart is working overtime because I am assuming my aortic valve is being a pest and leaking a bit more than normal. Now I'm not an MD, or a cardiologist but this is exactly what it felt like with Drew. That part I do remember! I really shouldn't grumble over going to the cardiologist, because it could be so much worse, I just hate the monitor I'm assuming he'll put on me. The patches irritate my skin and the lovely little box gets in my way all the time! Again, I need to remember to have some perspective and it could be much, much worse.

So tomorrow I am off to see my cardio dude and see what he says. Other than my pesky valve issue, 29 weeks has flown by once again!

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