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If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you know Brendan and I are big DIYers. As we await the arrival of Peanut we haven't stopped doing it ourselves when it comes to house projects. As we now have 8 weeks until the scheduled arrival, I look around our house, shake my head and think "what in the world were we thinking"! We have a to do list a mile long, a week we'll be MIA due to a vacation and I'm only getting slower by the day... Now, don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to soaking my feet in the ocean and enjoying some R&R, I just think we're pretty well CRAZY for doing all of this before Peanut arrives. With that said, we will get it done, hopefully with our sanity in tact.

This week in casa de B&A we are having the drywall finished in the basement. This is our huge project right now. Our basement was completely unfinished and we are adding a second living room, bedroom, storage area and office/toy area. Later on we'll add a bathroom. Brendan has done 99% of the work himself, he used to build homes, but when it came to finishing the drywall, he wanted to hire it out. Not be because he didn't know how, he just loathed the thought of having to do it, so we hired it done and it should be done Monday.

This weekend we were able to focus on our projects upstairs. We are currently painting Drew's dresser for his new big boy room. Drew has now transitioned out of the nursery and into the old guest room. He is now in his twin bed and loves it. We now just need to get the dresser painted and wall hangings hung and we'll be good to go! Due to the basement being out of commission this weekend the painting is taking place upstairs in the living room and in the nursery. Thank goodness Brendan is careful. So here's a keepin it real shot for you, behold our kitchen island, that I'll add Brendan built, with the drawers of the dresser drying on it.

As I type Brendan is painting the last coat on the drawers. Then it's on to the nursery to paint the actual dresser.

That would be the nursery covered in plastic to keep the paint off the carpet and furniture.

After this project we will be working on the nursery and closets. We have to do some rearranging of closets to accommodate Peanut and his/her belongings. In the nursery we are painting, getting a new rocker, wall art and curtains on the widows and closet doors.

As for the basement, after drywall, it's primer, then trim and doors, paint and finally carpet. Not to mention picking out furniture and a tv to go down there.

That's a ton in 8 weeks..... Makes my palms sweaty just thinking about it. We will get there.

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