30 weeks

30 weeks has come and gone in the blink of an eye! In my last update I mentioned that I called my cardiologist due to having palpitations. I saw him and everything looks great. My EKG was normal, although he did hear some palpitations and gave me a beta blocker to take as needed. Let me tell you, I love that medication! I've had to take it now twice it works wonders! I also had an echocardiogram and again my leakage is still there, has increased a bit but nothing to be worried about. The next step is see him after delivery...umm, excuse me what?!?! Or go and see him if anything changes.

As for pregnancy, my belly seems to have grown a lot in the past few weeks. I look at the difference in pictures and WOW! I've also gained 5lbs. in 3 weeks, awesomesauce. I know you're supposed to gain, but man oh man that was a bit of a shock to me. The baby really did need that ice cream over the past few weeks...

Other than that, I'm now on the two week visit track with my OB.

As for the nursery, it's getting there, next up we are painting. The bumper is being made and now I'm hunting for the perfect curtains for the closet. Oh, and wall art, decisions, decisions!

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Ash said...

I hope everything continues to go well. I was lurking around the blogs and came upon yours. :)

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