32 weeks

I'm a blogging failure, I missed 31 weeks, but I'm back with a 32 week update. We just arrived back home late Saturday night after being in Barbados for a week. Vacation was fabulous and relaxing, but it was awesome to be home and see the little man!

While we were away I hit the 32 week mark and I honestly can't believe I'm here again, it's so surreal. 32 weeks was pretty darn relaxing and I can't complain. I will say traveling on a plane at 32 weeks pregnant is a wee bit uncomfy, but not horrible and let's get real we were going on vacation, I shouldn't say anything about being uncomfy.

I did notice that being pregnant made my skin much more sensitive to the sun. 50 SPF and I were great friends on vacation, that along with a big hat and umbrella.

On the pregnancy front before we left I got a good cardiology report. I had an EKG which was normal and then an echocardiogram and my cardiologist called and reported that my leaky aortic valve is categorized now at a 2. In June it was at a 1, they categorize leakage on a scale from 1-4, 4 being severe. He was not concerned that my valve is not cooperating, but said he believes the leakage has increased due to pregnancy. He said he'd see me at my c-section if everything continues to go smoothly. I was also put on a beta blocker as needed for my palpitations and it has worked wonders. I like that I don't have to take a daily medication and I've had no side effects. Thank the good lord, I was so thankful to get that report.

All in all 32 weeks wasn't too shabby! 7 weeks to go!

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Brittany said...

Love your blog!! Pregnancy suits you, you look great :)


Karen At Home said...

You look adorable Abby!! I hope you are feeling well. So happy for you that you were able to get away for a vacation. I could really use one about now!

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