33 & 34 weeks

Once again I'm behind in my posting. Life seems to really be getting in the way of my blogging efforts. Although this past weekend we had Drew's birthday party and that is a huge check on my long list of things to do before Peanut arrives.

Let's see 33 & 34 weeks, it's once again been pretty uneventful, which this whole pregnancy had been. It's so refreshing not having to worry about my heart this time around. My beta blocker helps with my palpitations and knowing my leakage is just fine and dandy is music to my ears.

I have noticed since Peanut has gotten bigger my appetite has decreased considerably. It's getting a bit uncomfortable to eat a big meal, so I've been sticking to small meals. I've also had a craving for cereal once again this pregnancy. We currently have 9 boxes of cereal in our house. I should not be trusted in the cereal aisle at the grocery store.

These past couple of weeks I've started washing newborn clothes, burp clothes and blankets. I am still amazed at how tiny the little onesies are, and that Drew actually fit in them. We are not finding out the sex of Peanut until he/she is born so we have purchased a boy and girl going home outfit. I then am going to take a couple of neutral sleepers to the hospital for Peanut while we stay at there.

As for the hospital stay, we now have all of Drew's arrangements made. The hospital I'm delivering at this time around is about 35 minutes away so my parents will be helping with the little man. Brendan is planning on bringing him to the hospital one morning to meet his new sibling. Other then that time he'll be enjoying time with his cousins and playing at day care, which he loves.

My question to all you readers, what would be a small gift Peanut could get Drew to give him in the hospital? Drew needs absolutely NOTHING, we just had his birthday party and we have had a hard time finding a couple of gifts to get him. Any fun ideas, I'm all ears!

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smeadmom said...

Abby, We did fruit snacks, and a little toy monster truck from the twins to the big boys. We also had little car seat toys that the boys had picked out to give the twins, so they were extra excited to get there so they could give L&M their toys. Good luck in the next few weeks! Cant wait to hear of peanuts arrival.

Steph said...

My first son was born may 2010 and our second December 2011. The baby gave our oldest a stuffed monkey when he was born and we got two similar but different coloured stuffed doggies- one for each boy.

Erin said...

W was very into crocodiles at the time, so we got him a book by Mercer Mayer, "There's an Alligator Under my Bed" and a small stuffed croc from the baby to him. He loved it, and was 2.5 yrs old at the time.

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