39 weeks

This is the last pregnancy update! Having a scheduled c-section is quite nice, we know when we're going in, we have Drew taken care of, we have our bags packed, Peanut's bag packed. Now we just wait 4 days.

It's a bit funny how we chose Peanuts arrival date because you can chose any date after 39w. Since April 17th is technically tax day this year and Brendan is in the financial planning business and the 16th and17th are
super busy days since people can still contribute to certain investments and get tax deductions for 2011. It just so happened my OB was scheduled to be in the OR all day on the 18th, so that's how Peanut's birthday was chosen.

I've now hit the point in pregnancy where I'm just ready, ready to know if I have another son or daughter. Ready to have my baby on the outside and for my body to start to recover.

Here's to a very uneventful and healthy pregnancy! Time has flown by!

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