Kate's birth story

Kate made her entrance into the world on Wednesday April 18th, 2012 at 9:11am.

Brendan and I arrived at the hospital bright and early that Wednesday morning at 5:15am. My doctor gives everyone with a scheduled c-section 2 hours of antibiotics. My section was scheduled for 8:15am, yeah doesn't add up right. Well, I am Rh+ which means extra blood work and it takes longer in the lab, so we had to arrive 3 hours prior to Kate being born. If you haven't been reading my blog all that long, I had a c-section with Drew after 40 hours of labor and developed a heart condition in which both my OB and cardiologist agreed that I should not labor, my heart does not do well while in labor.

So we get to the hospital, get antibiotics, and wait, and wait, wait some more. Then we are delayed. Everyone is in their OR garb, Brendan in his Pilsbury Doughboy suit, me in my sexy cap and lovely hospital gown. Our nurses ready, doctor....not ready. So we wait...
Around 8:50AM she was ready! My nurse covered my rumpus and we walked, yep they had my huge pregnant and hooked up to an IV rear end walk to the OR. I said goodbye to my momma and Brendan and I were off. They sat Brendan at the nurses station, took me in to the freezing cold OR, why are those OR's always freezing?

As I sat on the table it seemed like everyone scattered and then I lost it. I had held it together pretty well all morning, but I was sitting on the OR table, legs dangling over the side, no one around or it seemed, and I started shaking uncontrolably and huge alligator tears started falling down my cheeks, this was it, no turning back and I felt so alone. At that very moment one of the nurses came up, grabbed my hand, wiped the tears on my cheek and gave me comforting words. Another nurse came with a warm blanket and pillow, the pillow for me to hug, and the blanket to go over my arms and chest. I hugged the pillow while getting my spinal and the second nurse who was equally as kind and comforting hugged me while my head was in her chest as my spinal was being administered.
The spinal being given was so seamless. I had no idea it was not a catheter that was left in, it's just a one time shot, who knew, not me. I assumed it was just like the epidural, not so. I felt a pinch for the shot of numbing medicine and then nothing. After he put the medication in that numbed me, it was almost instant, it worked from my chest down and it was such a strange feeling, I could literally not feel a darn thing nor wiggle my toes or move my legs.

Brendan was then brought in and sat on my left side, he grabbed my left hand and my doctor asked me if I could feel her. I told her I could feel her touching my chest and she said "well no, I pinching you really hard by your hip". Well then, no I can't feel that. They started and about 3 minutes later I felt 10 seconds of pressure and then my doctor said "it's a girl"! Brendan and I both looked a each other and immediately started crying, we had a daughter. I later asked what the pressure was and she told me her assistant pushed on the top of my uterus and she basically acts as a shoe horn to guide Kate's shoulders out. Brendan was then able to go over to where Kate was, cut her cord, take video of her, they then brought the scale over in my eye line to weigh and measure her. She weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces and was 18 inches long. Her APGAR scores were 8 and 9 and she transitioned very well from inside to out. The nurses then gave Kate to Brendan and he sat with her right by me as my doc finished sewing me back up.
From start to finish the whole section took around 40 minutes.

From first cut to 9:11AM the time Kate arrived was 3 minutes. The rest of the time was spent stitching me up. My doc uses all internal stitches and my incision is about 3-4 inches long. My doctor was able to use the same incision I had for Drew, and thus far it's healed very nicely. I came home with steri stripes across my incision they have begun to fall off.

After we were done in the OR we were wheeled to our suite where we stayed 2 nights and opted to go home a night early to start our lives as a family of four.
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Julie S. said...

My repeat C-section went just about like this! Congratulations, she is beautiful!

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