Peanut's nursery

As I've mentioned here before this time around I went with a much different feel than Drew's nursery. I fell in love with a color scheme rather than a theme. From there everything just kind of came together.

We first started out by painting the walls a light gray called Poetic, it's a color from our local hardware store.

I then started looking for bedding. I couldn't find very much that I was crazy about, or in the price range I wanted, so my mom volunteered to make a bumper. We went to a local fabric store and found the damask fabric you can see as the bumper and then added the sunshine yellow ribbon.

I then tried to find a crib skirt that would go well and I found one at Pottery Barn Kids. I go to order it and it's back ordered until May. Boo, hiss!!! So once again my mom, Martha Stewart Junior made the crib skirt and added the yellow ribbon.

We then moved on to the rocker and wall hangings. First, the rocker, It just so happened that my older sister was looking to get rid of her yellow and white rocker and go for a more neutral colored rocker. We were in luck, we simply traded rockers, our cream colored rocker for her yellow and white rocker.

I found all of the wall hangings and pillow on Etsy. The pillow can be found at Modernality2. This pillow is just as adorable as it looks in pictures, it came very quickly and it washed up well, I ironed it and we were good to go.

Next was what in the world do we hang on the walls? I started searching the web and again came to Etsy. I found these 4 prints for above the crib from Zeppi Prints. Again, the seller was a pleasure to work with and even brightened the chevron stripes a bit for me. I then found the frames at Target.

The prints are 5x7 and the frames are 8x10 with no matte.
It was now on to the other 3 wall spaces. I found this 8x10 print again on Etsy from Fancy Prints.

The seller was so kind to work with and even included this next print.

On the other space, which happens to be behind the door I took scrapbook paper and put it in 8x8 frames.

The gray paper actually has small white dots on it, but it didn't show up in the pic.

Lastly, was the curtain conundrum. Again, I couldn't find anything I really loved so my momma stepped up again and took plain white curtains from Target and used the left over fabric from the bumper and made this fab curtains.

Thankfully it's now all put together and just awaits Peanut's arrival!

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Kaymee said...

OMG, it looks AMAZING!!! I love love LOVE yellow & gray!!

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