Introducing Drew to Kate

One of my biggest fears when I was pregnant with Kate was how would Drew react to having a sibling. He's two and if you've had or have a two year old well they're two, enough said. I was worried he would hate Brendan and me or he would dislike his sister, readily be defiant which is totally out of characteristic for him.

As Kate's arrival was approaching Brendan and I agreed that we wanted Drew to come to the hospital and meet his brother or sister. We also had a small gift from the baby for Drew. We settled on a sleeve of matchbox cars, crayons, a coloring book, a big brother book some snacks and a Tow-Mater sippy cup. We also had a gift for the baby from Drew, a small giraffe lovely.

After Kate arrived Brendan brought Drew up the second day we were at the hospital. It was just us in our room when he arrived and he was so excited to meet his baby sister. He kept saying "SISTER" and "KATE".

He even wore his Big Brother shirt to the hospital.

While he was there we asked him if w wanted to hold Kate, he had absolutely no interest so we didn't press the issue. He was more interested in playing with the phone in the room.
Once we arrived home he really wasn't interested in Kate. He was more excited that both Brendan and I were back home. Brendan had been coming home in the evenings and staying at home, I obviously had stayed two nights in the hospital. About 2 days after we were home he asked to hold Kate. My heart melted on the spot! He was the proudest big brother.

Since then he's showed more interest in her. We've tried to involve her in helping with Kate, but mostly he likes to rock her, way too fast. We're working on the word gentle these days.
Drew does seem to like Kate, but there has been times where jealousy has come into play. He will just want mama or daddy and we've each tried to take him to do big boy activities every couple of days since bringing Kate home. He likes going on special outings with just one of us especially when the outing ends at the ice cream shop.
I have found with two kids my sling is my best friend. I can pop Kate in my sling and basically do any activity with Drew that I would have pre Kate. I'm sure there will be more challenges down the road but so far our transition to a family of four has been pretty seamless and although we are still adjusting we are making it work and we are all surviving.

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kari said...

Abby- Kate is beautiful! I'm glad things are going so well with Drew. Thinking of you all!

mommy baum said...

thanks for sharing about this! our little boy is going to have a little sister this fall, and i am starting to have some similar thoughts about how to make sure that is a positive transition for my son. i love hearing how things have been working out for you.....and your two littles are absolutely adorable! congrats ;)

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