A weekend at the lake

We had a great memorial day weekend at my parent's lake house. Drew went on boat rides, swam in the lake and was so tired he slept 13 hours Sunday night. This is the child who hasn't slept more than 10 hours at night for over a year, I love the lake!

Drew fished with Brendan for the first time.

My mom found a pole that would float if it was tossed into the lake. Drew has a blast fishing with his daddy, he didn't even have a hook on the end of his pole but he couldn't have cared less, he loved every second.

This little guy even fell asleep Saturday morning on a walk after sleeping well the night before.

The lake just wore him out! After his little snooze on our walk he was ready to go swimming before his nap that afternoon.

Ruby even got in on the swim dock action.

I was pleasantly surprised on a few occasions at the lake. First, Drew did not mind wearing his life jacket at all. He had to wear it whenever he was in the water but also when he was on the boat or on the dock and he never once said a peep about putting it on. Second, he was not shy about going swimming in the lake. He ran right in with Brendan and had no fear. We did have him wear his swim shoes to help navigate the sand and rocks on the bottom, but he was not scared at all. I thought he'd at least be timid or shy about getting in the water, nope he loved it.

Kate had fun too, she was able to hang out and on the deck with me and just enjoy the fresh air. No boat rides for Kate this year although we have a life jacket that is an infant one, it wouldn't fit on her and in Iowa it's a law all children under the age of 12 wear a life jacket. Nor am I comfortable taking her on the boat without one, next year!

We had a wonderful relaxing weekend with my parents and the kids. I hope everyone had a fabulous memorial day weekend.

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