Choo Choo

It's no secret that Drew is in love with trains and has been since he was about 18 months old. When Brendan and I heard about a local business that was having a fundraiser that was a train ride on a 1960's locomotive we jumped at the chance.

On Saturday morning we headed to the train depot, talking to Drew the whole ride about our upcoming train ride. When we arrived his face was simply priceless. We thought he understood he was going on a choo-choo ride, he really didn't. His first word out of his mouth was "WOAH"!

We boarded the passenger car and took our seats. The seats were vintage and the car kept in pristine condition. The car screamed old school train from the black and white movies my great grandparents used to watch. Drew was simply amazed!

The train took off and all the kids on the train promptly opened their windows and looked out the entire way, Drew was no exception. His face was dirty from the soot coming off the steam engine.

We had a pit stop half way through the ride to stretch our legs and to pick up more passengers. We took the opportunity to take Drew to see the steam engine. He was all about "Thomas".

Kate even took her first train ride at 6 weeks old. She tagged along in my sling and didn't make a peep. She was very impressed with the train ride.

After the pit stop we headed back home for lunch and nap time. Drew had a wonderful time. He still is talking about his Choo-Choo ride and how he has a picture of Thomas. All in all a great Saturday morning and happy two year old.

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