Let's continue our chat about Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

When Kate was diagnosed with HF&M her stint with what I call the devil was relatively short. 3 days and she was good as new. Then we came to Saturday morning and Drew wakes up and is warm to the touch. I take him temp and it's 103....ggggrrrreeeeaaatttt. We get the Tylenol on board with him and pray for a speedy bout with HF&M like Kate. Here we sit on Wednesday morning and Drew is still battling blisters and a lot of pain. He developed blisters on his legs, hands and mouth. Although his fever is gone we have kept up on the Tylenol and Motrin due to his pain level. Each night he's woken up screaming, I'm not exaggerating here, literally screaming because he's scraped a blister in his sleep. It breaks my heart having to see him go through this.

Monday he was in so much pain I had Brendan come home from work a little early to help me console him. We finally put cold wash cloths on his hands and feet and that seemed to provide a bit of relief. Otherwise I've been told by our doctor there is nothing we can do.

My poor baby is miserable and these darn blisters are huge!
Here's just one example of one on his hand.

I spoke with Drew's pediatrician today and the blisters can take up to a week to dry up. Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive!!! That is not fair that my 2 year sweet boy should have to be in pain for that long.

HF&M really is the devil and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy! Please say a prayer for Drew that this passes quickly, he's uncomfortable and in quite a bit of pain.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're all dealing with this-when my son had it is was awful,hope he's feeling better soon, it's so hard when they are ill.

Mrs. W said...

I am so sorry! We pray for a speedy recovery! Rea had it when she was 5 months old- trip to the ER and horrible blisters for a week. It was awful- hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy that blister is huge :( Somehow I got HF&M about 2 months ago and I swear my feet STILL are not the same. Hope he's feeling better soon!

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