Summer fun

This summer we have been spending a ton of time in our backyard. We have a little blow up pool with a slide and a water table that Drew absolutely loves. Drew is more of an outdoor soul than I will ever be. It's also great because I can keep Kate in the shade while Drew is having a blast in the sun and water.

Lately Drew has taken a liking to naked swimming... Good thing we have a privacy fence.

Popsicles are his snack of choice while outside. He asks for a pot-sit-tle, it might be the cutest thing ever!

Even the slow melting Popsicles don't stand a chance in this heat.

When we are playing in the pool having the hose on is a must in Drew's book. He has now figured out that its really fun to chase mommy and try to get her wet.

On Saturday Kate donned her swimsuit for the first time and we dipped her feet in the pool. She seemed to like it. Drew loved having her join him.

Drew kept wanting Kate to go down the slide. Yeah, maybe next year buddy!

This little boy may turn into a fish by the end of the summer.

The kiddos have also joined me on my quest to run another half marathon. I'll be running my half in October so we are making it a family affair when training, Kate and Drew in the double jogger and me about dead when we get back home! We'll make it though and I'll be glad the kids made the trek with me.

What are you doing for summer fun?

I'm also interested in hearing any of my readers creative ideas about entertaining my toddler inside while it's 105 degrees outside. Any fun crafts or something fun I'm missing, fill me in! Have a great week!

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Devin said...

Wow, I am more than impressed that you are training for a half pushing TWO children in a jogging stroller. I've taken my time getting back into running after having my daughter last July and thought that using a jogging stroller would help me to feel less guilty about making time for exercise than leaving her at home to take time for a run. Woah, running with a jogging stroller is a completely different movement. It's tough!

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