Drew turns 2

Drew turned 2 almost 4 months ago and I have yet to post pictures of his Sesame Street birthday party. We hosted around 30 people with 10 being kiddos all under the age of 10. It ended up being over 80 degrees in March which meant we could be outside.
I started with invitations from the Paper Monkey Company on Etsy.

We then started hunting down bright decor and anything Sesame Street. I found wall decals on Amazon that Drew absolutely loved.

I found wrapping paper at Target that seemed to fit the color scheme perfectly and wrapped the door with it and made and D and 2 out of cardboard and wrapped those in the paper as well.
Welcome to Drew's Street!

This party was brought to you by the letter D and the number 2.

Inside we set up a coloring station for the kiddos that ended up being a huge hit.

I printed off color sheet from the Sesame Street website and used those to entertain the kids.

I used boxes found at Target for favors for the kids and filled them with crayons, coloring sheets, candy, stickers, goldfish and a writing pad with sesame street characters on them.

I also made poms to bring pops of color into our great room. I also hung our Happy Birthday sign that has been in our family for years and years.

We had Drew's cake made at our local grocery store and he loved it.

Outside the kids had a blast breaking open the Elmo piƱata.

I also had a personalized wooden sign made from the Etsy seller Beyond Balloons

Drew loves this sign and it is still in his room today. The birthday boy had a great time and loved all his friends from Sesame Street joining us for his party!

Since it was so hot on his party day he wasn't able to wear his adorable shirt I ordered for him from the Etsy seller London Stitches he did wear it on his actual birthday and looked cute as a button!

On Drew's actual birthday we decorated his room with balloons the night before and tied the balloons to his favorite cars and trucks. When he woke up the next day he was on awe!

I still can't believe our little man is on his way to 3.

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Brooke said...

Super cute party, you did a great job! Can't believe he is two!!

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