Kate 2 months

Kate has already passed the 2 month mark. I know I say this every.single.time. but time has flown by!

This past month Kate has really taken off socially, she is now smiling more and more and reacting to us talking to her. She is following our voices with her eyes and the ceiling fans are her new best friends. Kate has also taken a liking to her play mat and started to grab her toys that hang from it. She's also found her hands and loves to chew on her fingers and ours.

Kate is still a very mellow baby and I feel so blessed that we have had no trouble with finding a formula that works well with her, and she is a champ at sleeping! Kate has now been waking up once a night to eat. Can you say AWESOME! Seriously, I don't know what to do with myself! At this age Drew was getting up 3-4 times a night and was just a horrible sleeper all around. Kate is so completely opposite. Praise the lord, this is seriously a gift from God because Drew still wakes up at 5:30AM every morning. Kate takes her last bottle in which we've upped from 3 to 4oz. between 7 and 9pm. The we swaddle her in her miracle blanket and she sleeps usually until midnight when she needs her paci. The she sleeps again until 2 or 2:30AM. Brendan or I get up feed her and put her back down and then she sleeps until 6 or 6:30AM. Who ever feeds Kate in the middle of the night gets to sleep a little later in the morning and the other one gets up with Drew at 5:30AM. I'm simply in awe that she's sleeping... I know it will most likely change but as of right now I am more than happy with this routine.

This past month Kate went on her first road trip and did fabulously. She rode 5 hours one way in the car and slept the entire way. She slept great away from home and was a bit fussy and cranky on the way home but that's to be expected after being out of her routine for a few days. We've also started getting Kate on more of a routine this past month. Kate's day looks a little like this:

6-6:30AM-wake up
7AM-3oz bottle
8:30-10:30/11-morning nap
11AM- 3oz bottle
12:30-2:30pm- Afternoon nap
2:30pm- 3oz bottle
4:30-5/5:30- cat nap(30-40min)
5:30/6pm- 3oz bottle
7:00pm-cat nap (30-40min)
8/9pm- 4oz bottle night time routine and bedtime
2/2:30AM- 4oz bottle

Times obviously vary, but Kate is still not staying awake for long periods of time without losing her cool and being overly tired. I guess girl likes her sleep like her momma!

Happy 2 months Kate!

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