My little brother got hitched!

  Two weeks ago we traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with our two kiddos and a sitter in tow to attend my little brother's wedding. We stayed at the University Club of Milwaukee where my brother and his now wife had their reception.  The University Club was great to stay at with a family, it's not a traditional hotel, the rooms are two and three room suites and there weren't a ton of rooms.  It was perfect for little kids.  There were larger rooms with tables and couches that were open to anyone that we could go in when Kate or Drew were napping and just chit chat or even have a make shift salon.  Our room was actually one huge open space, it almost looked like a wall had been taken out, but it worked out perfectly.  Drew slept on his Cars blow up bed that we found for him at Target and he slept in the walk-in closet, I'm not even kidding.  We arrived late on Thursday night and I immediately blew up his bed and he drug it into the closet and proclaimed that "his space".  It actually worked perfectly. 
   On Friday my two sisters and I hosted a bridal tea for our sister-in-law to be at Watts Tea Shop. We invited all the ladies that were in either family and were in the wedding.  Since everyone lives so far apart we thought this was a nice way for everyone to meet each other and honor the bride. 

Katherine Ellen and her auntie Karin Ellen

While Kate and I attended the bridal tea Brendan, our sitter and Drew went to the local Children's museum.

Friday evening my brother and his fiance held their rehearsal dinner at Best Place, which is the historic Pabst Brewery.  My mom did all the centerpieces and Brendan and I made the table numbers.

The room itself was beautiful with hundreds of candles in the mason jars.  We all laughed, we cried, we enjoyed blending two families together.

My little brother and his fiance

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early, our hair and makeup started at 7AM.  The wedding was at noon, darn catholic weddings!  The stylists and make-up artists came to the University Club to get us wedding ready.


Stella, my 7 year old niece even got in on the rock star treatment.

I showed the gal who did my hair two pictures, one of the low bun and one of a higher bun.  I asked her what she thought, she was all about the higher bun so we went with that and I have to say I love how it turned out.  I had so many compliments on it throughout the day and evening.

Some of you may have already seen these on Instagram if you follow me.  If you don't my name on there is Drewsmomma3, clever huh!

The bride's beautiful hair
Christina, my new sister-in-law was given a gift from my brother.  We all knew what it was before hand.  When my grandmother passed away in 2009 she left each of us a piece of her diamond jewelry.  My brother decided to give Christina my grandmother's earrings as a wedding gift.

Even though she couldn't be there, she was there.

After we dried our tears it was time to get serious, it's time to get Christina married!

Time for the bridal gown!
 Aren't my mom and step dad cute?

Then we were off to the church!

After their beautiful ceremony we headed out to the park where we enjoyed Jimmy John's and the panoramic view of the city and Lake Michigan. We then smiled for some pictures, and sipped champagne and toasted to the new married couple.

 My little brother bought all the guys involved with the wedding funny socks to wear. 
Brendan and my sisters fiance look like two peas in a pod here.

After a few more stops for more pictures it was time to party!  Brendan and I headed up to get our kiddos all ready to attend the reception.  Since the wedding was at noon we had our sitter put them down for a nap and then they came with us to the reception until it was bedtime.
Seriously.....I'm having visions of prom in about 15 years.  Kate was a trooper until about 7:30pm, then she was ready to head to bed.  Our friend who is also our photographer was able to take our Christmas card picture while we were all dressed up, but I had a huge mom fail and this is the only picture of Kate I got in her adorable dress.  My mom bought Kate this dress when she was just hours old.

Drew was not interested in having his picture taken with mommy or daddy at the reception, however he was awesome for our photographer Amy!

It's a tradition at each of our weddings that the three siblings not getting married say a toast.  My brother had no idea we would be speaking that evening, however we had set it up ahead of time with his new wife and best man.  As the three of us came to the microphone he smiled and teared up, we spoke of memories past and present, memories as gifts and one of the greatest gifts he has given us was another sister.  We each struggled to get speak through the tears, but I am so glad we were able to toast to my little brother and our new sister.

Scott and Christina are a beautiful couple, they had a beautiful wedding and we were so honored to be a part of their magical day.

 My 87 year old granfather even got out on the dance floor!

Our whole family will once again be all together again for another wedding next October as these two crazy kids get hitched in Boston.


. said...

Beautiful wedding! Loved your dress and hair:)

anoddgirl said...

the reception looks amazing!
Great photos :)


Misty said...

I just stumbled upon your blog this evening & love it :) I'm your newest follower :)

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