My favorite baby items

Kate is obviously our second child, so this time around there has been a lot less trial and error with baby products. However, I thought I would share some of my favorite baby items thus far.

When we first brought Kate home and when we travel Kate sleeps in a Fisher Price Rock N Play sleeper. We originally purchased this when Drew was having trouble with reflux. It has a slight incline and rocks, I consider it a Godsend, and at $30 it was worth every penny and more. This is by far my first suggestion to every set of expectant parents. One of my favorite things about it is how easy it is to transport. It folds up and lays pretty darn flat. We have taken it now on two trips with us and it takes up so much less room than a pack n play and with two kids saving every inch of room is a must.

Both of my kids have been swaddled since birth. We have tried several different swaddle blankets but the ones that I have fallen head over heels in loved with and have lasted through both kids and we are still using with Kate are Miracle Blankets. Or as I have dubbed them straight jackets for babies. They are lightweight enough that she didn't get hot through the summer, yet kept her from getting chilled, and they don't let her break out of the swaddle. They are truly a miracle, they keep my little pumpkin snug as a bug in a rug.

When I was pregnant with Kate a dear friend of mine gave me three Aiden and Anais bamboo swaddle blankets that are by far the softest blankets I have ever touched. When Kate was fresh we would double wrap her with her Miracle Blanket and then one of these blankets but now we use these blankets to rock her to sleep. She likes it by her face as we rock. No worries, we take it away as we are laying her down to sleep, but she loves to lay on these, have them on her legs in her car seat and with her when she's in her swing. I know they are pricey, but A+A has sales quite often and they are well worth it.
Kate was given a pacifier from day one.  I know a lot of parents opt of the paci, if you do go for it, I found a new brand to us that Kate has really taken to.  They are called Gumdrop, and they are amazing in my book!  Kate was so, so on all other kinds of paci's.  She would spit them out and every single night we would be in and out of her room 10,000x replacing her paci.  We purchased the Gumdrops and she keeps them in!  I for one love the Gumdrops and so does she, WIN! WIN!

The last product that we as a family could not live without is a formula dispenser.  Kate is formula fed as well as Drew was and this little baby makes your life so much easier.  I keep at least one of these filled at home and one in our diaper bag for quick and easy trips and easy bottle mixing at home.  I pre-fill them with 4oz. of formula currently, the amount Kate takes at each feeding and then just dump it into the bottle water and VIOLA she is ready to eat!  Can't get much easier!

What products have made your life easier with a new baby around?

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