Wedding hair

This weekend my little brother is getting married! He's marrying a wonderful gal that I cannot wait to have as my new sister. She has been kind enough to ask me to be a bridesmaid this weekend. The dresses are gorgeous and so comfy, I can wear a regular bra! Huge points for my new sister-in-law, wearing a regular bra is amazeballs! The shoes she chose, also adorable and super comfy, score numero dos!

So here is where I need all of my fabulous readers, she would like us to wear our hair up. I have very long thick hair. What shall I do with this mop? 
(my locks...I feel bad for the gal who has to deal with this hot mess!)

(The dress, but in a dark blueish color that is apparently no longer made)
(The shoes that I will be wearing even after the event I like them that much.)

Let's talk hair, how should this mop be styled? 

Low bun

High bun
The more romantic look

What's your vote?  One of these or something else?


Devin said...

My vote is definitely the low bun. Have you ever checked out The Small Things blog? I found it a couple of month ago through pinterest and Kate, the author, is a hair stylist and does fantastic hair styles.

Where are those shoes from? They are cute!

Anonymous said...

A low bun would be beautiful (in my opinion) and would work with your hair (I have the same, only shorter) and the dress.

Abby said...

Thanks ladies!

@Devin, I will check out that blog it sounds fabulous! The shoes are Nina brand. I found them at Nordstrom.


CampDallas said...

Low bun, for sure! I wanted something similiar for a wedding I was in a couple years ago, and ended up with pseudo-1999 prom hair. The only thing missing was tendrils! Eek! All I could do was laugh...! Have a great time!

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