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      We are in the process, of finishing our basement. It's been a lengthy process but we are doing it by ourselves. I say ourselves lightly, mostly Brendan, I just insert my $0.02 every so often. This upcoming weekend Brendan and my father-in-law and spraying the trim and after that it is time for wood flooring and carpet. This is the light at the end of the tunnel, the final sha-bang, imgoingtothejumpforjoy! I can't tell you how extremely excited I am to have this extra space for us to enjoy. We are starting to bust at the seams in our upstairs living room with toys galore and with Christmas coming you know darn well that all the Grandparents are not going to give my kiddos jammies and socks as gifts. So the extra space in the basement is a much needed and welcomed addition.

    When we purchased our home in 2010 the basement was an unfinished no mans land that was a bit scary. We have now added a 4th bedroom, living room, a second egress window, 2 storage closets and space for a 3rd bath as well as an office nook. We have yet to add the bath. That will be the next big project we tackle at casa de B&A. So far I am really happy how its turned out, I am just ready for it to be DONE, so is Brendan. He can not wait to just enjoy watching the kids play in their new bigger space.
   With the larger space comes our new guest room. We used to have our guest room upstairs but then with the arrival of Kate, Drew took the guest room, Kate moved to the nursery and the guest room vanished. So now we have a guest room once again and I am in need of a new duvet. I purchased our current guest bedroom bedding when we lived in St. Louis and it's just old and icky from the dog and guests who have had dogs sleep on the bed. So time to upgrade. That's where you come in. I need help deciding. We have painted the room Behr Silver Lining and the color looks great. I'm just having a hard time figuring out bedding.

Behr Silver Lining. 
This is the best picture I could find online.

  We will have white trim if that helps you at all, and the carpet is yet to be decided, probably a lighter creamish color.  We haven't picked that out yet.  I do know that in the outlets where the storage closets are and where the office nook is we are putting down wood flooring, the exact same wood floor that is in the upstairs level of our house.
Ruby looks thrilled to be having her picture taken

   So now on to duvets... It can't be something too girly or too frilly.  Brendan doesn't dig that stuff.  Other than that I am open to anything.  So here are a few that I've found and like, but am not set on.  What do you think?  Or keep looking?

  From Overstock.com Milena 3 piece duvet set and the price is AMAZING $40.49. I would opt for the green color or Jade as they call it.

Bright, cheery and fun! Also at Overstock.com Green Scroll bedding

Victoria Duvet from Pottery Barn (this may be too girly for the B man)

So what do you think?  Like any of them?  Keep looking? Abby you have no style and you need to hire a decorator?  Dressing myself is easy peasy, putting my house together is like solving a word math problem, it takes me FOREVER!  Help a sister out please and thank you!

 Happy Monday!!


Court said...

The dots from West Elm! It's what I have in our master bedroom and LOOOVE it! You can accessorize with any color you want if you think it's too plain.

Steph said...

The Madison Park one...as soon as you mentioned the paint colour I thought white/grey with a splash of yellow. Very contemporary.

Abby said...

Thank you ladies! I love both of those. Decisions, decisions!

CampDallas said...

I ordered the Swiss Dots from West Elm, and ended up returning it, not because I didn't love the color/pattern, but anticipated the duvet being a wrinkled mess with the fabric it was. :-( Function is just as important as style at this point in my life!

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