Kate 4 months

   This is post is way overdue, but better late than never. Kate hit the 4 month mark on August 18th. The little peanut is still holding steady at 12 pounds, and fits into 0-3 month clothing. It's so strange having two children that are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to growth. Drew at 4 months weighed around 16 and half pounds and was a chunk a monk. I did love those little rolls. Now we have our teeny tiny peanut Kate that is holding steady at 12 pounds. Thankfully she has doubled her birth weight.

   Kate is still doing well in the sleeping department. She takes 2-3 naps a day and sleeps 11-12 hours a night getting up once to eat anywhere between 12 and 3am. Again, total opposite of her brother. Kate still loves to be swaddled during sleep and loves sleeping in her Rock n Play sleeper or her crib. When swaddling we use a Miracle Blanket and we love it. Kate's comfy, she's warm enough, but not too hot and she stays swaddled all night long with no issues.

  Kate is still a really easy-going baby and is a happy baby.  She rarely cries and when she does she's either overly tired or hungry.  She smiles all the time and loves when her brother interacts with her.  She loves when they are both laying on the floor and rolling around together.  That's another milestone we have surpassed this month, Kate rolled over and has kept going, back to belly, belly to back.  We also tried her out in her exersaucer this month but the little peanut was just too small, so we'll wait a month or two and try again.

   This month Kate transitioned to day care 5 mornings a week as I started back to work.  She did fabulously.  The first few days she was super tired when I picked her up.  I get off work at noon, and then make my way to our day care gals house, by the time I got the kids home and down for naps it was around 12:45pm.  Kate usually goes down for her afternoon nap around noon, so gradually I think her morning nap has gotten a bit later, afternoon nap has gotten a bit later, and she's been sleeping a bit later in the mornings.  Other than being tired, Kate seems to really like day care.  She isn't a huge fan of being held by strangers, however she loves our day care provider and the kiddos there love to "help" with the baby.

Comparing bald heads with my dad

4 months has treated us all very well, I can't believe it's gone this fast.


Court said...

She's such a gorgeous baby girl! You are so blessed.

Carissa said...

Abby! She is adorable and looks so much like her older brother. How fun!

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