Christmas toy hits

  With the whirlwind of Christmas behind us I thought I'd share some of Drew and Kate's favorite gifts that were a hit this holiday. Drew is almost 3, I think I might have just fainted from saying that. He will turn 3 in March and Kate is 8 months old. Kate's biggest hit of all would have to be the wrapping paper. Give that girl a roll of wrapping paper and she would be golden until her birthday in April. In all seriousness the kids were so blessed and spoiled with so many gifts from grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends that I may have had a small mental break down and a large haul to Goodwill and our church with old toys. His big hits this past Christmas had to do with motion and cooking.

  A funny story about this airplanes book.  Drew flipped over this book and has read it daily since Christmas.  He also likes to play with our family iPad.  Well I have the Amazon app on the iPad and I noticed that there was something in my cart. Low and behold it was the exact same book except for it was the Big Book of Trains.  Apparently Drew went on the Amazon app and saw my recommended things I might like on Amazon and saw the Trains book, and some how put it in the cart.  Thankfully you need a password to purchase the book.  Did I mention I'm a sucker and I thought it was cute so I bought the book.  He loves it too.

Brendan has a remote control helicopter and Drew loves to watch him fly it. After receiving this as a gift from my parents Drew now flies right along with his daddy.  It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Some of Drew's favorite accessories he got for his kitchen are:

Drew also is loving his Fisher Price Imaginext Dinosaur set my mom and stepdad got him.  My mom found it at Kohl's and apparently it was a specific toy for Kohl's by FP for Imaginext.  I found something very similar HERE on Amazon.

As for the little lady of our family she really would have been happy with some wrapping paper and a cold chew toy.  Poor lady is working on some teeth and has been since Christmas.  I'm not really sure how much paper she took down but she lived to tell about it.  Not my proudest moment as a parent, but it's reality on a crazy Christmas morning with a toddler and a baby. 

Kate was given a baby doll and stroller by her aunt and uncle and she is really just now starting to love playing with it.  Kate is standing when leaning up against something and this stroller apparently can double as a walker. 

She is also liking the walker we bought her, the V-Tech Sit to Stand walker.  The front detaches and she plays with the buttons when she's sitting on the floor.  In my opinion a great $30 purchase that will come in handy for many months to come.

Kate mostly plays while sitting on the floor.  Although she stands the majority of her time playing is while sitting.  She received the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn mirror as a gift and she absolutely squeals over it.  She loves the soft make up type brush and the mirror sings, counts and talks to her.  It's really adorable.

The other big hit for Kate was something my mom found and actually both kids have liked playing with it. It's called the Little Tikes Activity Garden and it's super cute and Kate has so much fun playing with all the different buttons and toys that are attached to the house as we call it.  It can fold up to a square or fold out to what you see below, and each of the four sides has a screw hinge that is easily removed for rearranging the activity garden.  Even Drew has had fun playing with Kate in her house.

The kids were so blessed and spoiled this Christmas.  There are so many other toys, books and movies that I know I'm forgetting, but these are just a few of the daily favorites that the kids are really into right now.  If you have any specific questions about any of the toys I've mention don't hesitate to ask. 


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