A boy and his tractors

  It's no secret that Drew is really into tractors. Living in Iowa we see tractors ALL THE TIME. He specifically is fond of the green John Deere variety and lately has even begun to correct if I call and excavator a loader with a scoop. "No mommy that's an excavator". With Drew's birthday fast approaching in March I decided to start planning both he and Kate's parties. We asked Drew what kind of party he would like and immediately he yelled "TRACTORS"! Alrighty then, tractors it is for the 3 year old birthday party. Thankfully once again we live in the prime location to host a tractor themed birthday party for the tractor loving boy.

Did I mention that I'm crazy and I'm planning both Kate and Drew's parties for the same weekend, and it's going to be two different parties on two different days.  My plan is to have Drew's at a location other than our house, say a barn and then have Kate's at our house on Saturday afternoon. My hope is to find a barn for Drew's party, and give the kiddos some tractor rides during the party.  We shall see if I can pull this off.  Barn or not I know Drew will love having everything John Deere at his party.  He keeps talking about his tractor party each day, he doesn't realize that we have a few months to go...

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