Kate 6 months


   Kate crossed the six month mark on October 18th, and again I can't believe she's already 6 months old. I feel like she should still be this tiny 6lb newborn that we just brought home from the hospital. This month has been busy once again and Kate has again proven to be such a relaxed and chill baby. She just goes with the flow and is pretty darn happy most of time.

  Kate started sitting up on her own this month. She still needs a little help staying upright every once in a while but she's doing great with her upper body strength to hold herself upright. She's becoming more interested in her toys and especially Drew's cars and trucks. He's not at all enthused about her liking HIS toys. We've had many discussions about sharing, they have not been going over well.  Most of the time when they play together they do absolutely wonderfully together.  I need to take a snapshot of this and frame it to remind them that at one point they really did like each other because I know years down the road there will come a point where they will fight and they may need a reminder. 

  Kate started on some real solid food this month and she really took to it.  She tried some baby puffs and banana and ate both like a champ.  She now thinks baby food is for the birds, we may have another picky eater on our hands.  A few months back I wrote how she loved her veggies and now we can barely get this child to take baby food but give her a banana or puffs and she is good to go.  As for formula she is still doing great with her regular formula and takes a 5oz bottle in the morning, another 5oz bottle around 10:30, 1:30pm, a 4oz bottle at 4:30 then a 6oz bottle at 7pm before she goes to bed.  Kate still tends to wake in the middle of the night to eat and eats 6oz between 2 and 3:30am and then sleeps until about 6:30am.  There are some nights she does sleep through the night and those nights I jump out of bed around 4am and run into her room to make sure she's still breathing.

This month we once again tried Kate in the exersaucer and this time she loved it.  Back when she was 4 months old she was just a wee bit too small.  This time around she loved it!  She's also taken to her aden + anais blanket and loved to snuggle with it as we are rocking to sleep.  The one thing Kate absolutely can not stand is shoes.  This little lady has the most adorable shoes and will not keep them on her feet, this is a first world problem if I've ever heard of one. Hopefully once she starts walking she'll keep them on because oh my goodness little girls shoes are ADORABLE!! 
 We also transitioned Kate from being swaddled in her miracle blanket to sleeping in a sleep sack this month.  Surprisingly the transition went very smoothly, I had set my expectations quite low in hopes I would be pleasantly surprised and I was. When taking a baby out of a swaddle you never have any idea what's going to happen.  Kate surprised both Brendan and me.  When Kate goes down for her naps or bed we give her a bottle and rock until she's either asleep of nearly asleep and then lay her in her crib.  The first night in her sleep sack it took her a bit longer to fall asleep in the crib but she did and didn't have any more night wakings then normal and it's actually really nice that she can find her own paci and put it back in when she loses it.  She now has a plethora of paci's in her crib for easy replacement.

Kate still has yet to grow any hair but the little fuzz she does have is white blond.  I never thought I would have two blond kiddos when I have a dark Greek husband.  I love the thought of Kate being a blondie.  Since she's lacking in the hair department she is rocking headbands these days. 

These past 6 months have flown by and I have enjoyed every single second.  My heart is so full of joy and love for my daughter, I can't put the emotions into words.  God is so good and our family is so blessed.

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