3 years

Yesterday we celebrated Drew's 3rd birthday.  Let's pause for a moment.....3 years people, 3 years!  Is anyone as taken aback as I am?  Ok, just me.  Then we'll move on.  Yesterday we celebrated these past three years with our energetic, spunky and loving little boy.  We took him to see tractors and trucks.  We went to an indoor playground with his cousins and rounded out the day with pizza, cake and ice cream with his grandparents and cousins.  He then got to spend the night on our floor in his new Lightening McQueen sleeping bag.

I can't put into words what these past three years have been like.  They have been challenging, there has been an abundance of joy, love and laughter.  I knew becoming a parent would be the best but hardest job I would ever have, I underestimated the extremes it would take.  This little boy has taught me a different kind of love that I have never known.  He has taught me to have more patience, to be in the moment, and enjoy the little things more.  I love being Drew's mom, yesterday I loved celebrating him with our little family.  He has grown leaps and bounds within this past year and I can't imagine what this next year will bring.  We are looking forward to celebrating with our extended family and friends next weekend at his tractor birthday party.

This little boy gave me the gift of motherhood and to him I am forever grateful.

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