Let's catch up

Last week I was off on spring break and it was great! I had a week to be home with the kiddos and we had some great weather here in Iowa. We were able to play outside a few times. I started out the week saying goodbye to my family and Iowa and flying out to Denver, Colorado to visit my bestie that is due with her first baby in June. Brendan was on daddy duty for 3 days all by himself.

     The trip was absolutely amazing. We hit a spa in the mountains and hosted a bunko night at my friends house. We shopped for the little guy that will be arriving and I slept more in those there nights then I have in the past year. While I was in Denver they were hit with about a foot of snow and it was gorgeous! Nothing like Iowa snow, Denver snow is so much different and to see the mountains covered in snow, AH-MAZING! Sunday I flew home and was met at the airport by Drew and Brendan. It was so good to be home and snuggle my babies.

   Over spring break we also celebrated Drew's 3rd birthday. His tractor birthday party is this upcoming weekend, but the actual day was March 27th. We took him to an indoor playground, out to lunch and to see some tractors. He loved it and had a great day! It was nice enough in the evening that he was able to ride his new Plasma Car outside.

Little miss wanted to join in the birthday fun!

This past weekend we celebrated Easter, and the kids loved having their baskets stuffed with goodies from the Easter bunny.

Then it was time to get all dressed up and head off to church.  We tried to get a couple of pictures of the kids in their cute outfits before we left...This was too funny trying to get them to both look at the camera and both smile.

This is life right now, someday we will hopefully have a picture of them both smiling sitting nicely.  Our family picture didn't turn out much better, oh well this is our season of life right now and I wouldn't change it.

Brendan did take a good picture of Kate and I with my phone before church.  Drew was refusing to take pictures at this point.

This weekend we have both Kate and Drew's birthday parties.  We are hosting Kate's Milk and Cookies party at our house on Saturday afternoon and then Drew's party we are hosting at a barn on Sunday morning.  In theory it was a great idea to have them in the same weekend so our out of town family could attend both parties.  My sanity however is going to be tested.  Check with Sunday night and I bet I have a glass of wine and a bowl of ice cream with my feet up.


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