A barn wedding and a dress

   My little sister is getting married in October to an amazing young man and we couldn't be more excited. Her fiance is from the Boston area and when they move back from London this spring they will make their home in bean town. This fall we will all fly out to the blessed event and celebrate them getting hitched.

   The story goes that Karin got engaged the same day as my little brother and his wife, they were just worlds away. It was not planned, nor expected to happen on the exact same day within hours of each other. My brother and his now wife were here in the US getting ready to fly home for Thanksgiving and he popped the question and of course she said yes and they had a fabulous wedding this past September in Milwaukee. Karin and Nick were celebrating Thanksgiving in Turkey, hardy, har, har and Nick asked Karin to be his forever, and she too said yes. Our family was overjoyed to celebrate two engagements and two amazing couples.

 Karin and Nick have found the most beautiful Inn to have their reception at in the Boston area.  Each time I look at the website I am blown away by its rustic beauty. 

Karin also was back this past December and we found a bridesmaid dress for the occasion.  I am so in love with the dress, it's comfy, it's beautiful and fits her look and location just perfectly.

Karin chose a champagne color for us to wear and did I mention it has pockets, SOLD and SOLD.  Love me some pockets.  She'd like all of us gals to wear our hair up so now I have a few months to find an up-do I love.  Thankfully I've never been a bridesmaid and had to wear a bad dress.  My friends and family have been very kind and Karin was no different when picking this dress out.  She was so gracious and asked us what we liked and if we were comfortable.  Kate's dress for the wedding matches the material and color perfectly, I may be just a little giddy about that. 

Seeing my baby sister plan her wedding brings me more joy and happiness then I could have ever imagined.  Nick is perfect for Karin and to be part of her special day is such an honor.  October can't come soon enough!


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