Finding that perfect piece to remember the past

  In March of 2009 Brendan and I lost a baby when I was twelve and a half weeks pregnant.  We had already had our first appointment, heard and saw a strong heartbeat and our little jelly bean was growing away.  A mere three weeks later we received devastating news that our baby had passed and I had a missed miscarriage.  You can read about our journey of losing that baby from receiving the news, how we decided to have a D&C,  starting the healing process, realizing that healing takes time, and getting some answers.

  After losing our first baby we were fortunate to conceive again and once again I lost that baby at seven weeks.  If you've read my blog for anytime at all you know that Brendan and I have been blessed with two healthy and happy children and although we suffered two very heart breaking loses we knew that God had a plan all his own for our family.

  Losing two babies has always stuck with me and will always be a part of who I am.  I always remember their due dates and wonder what that child would have been like.  The one thing I do know is that my children have two very special guardian angels that look out for them daily.  If we wouldn't have suffered through that very tough time, Drew and Kate wouldn't have been here, and I can't imagine life without my two little blondies.

  The one thing I have always wanted is something for myself to carry with me or to wear that would symbolize ALL of my children, this including the babies that Brendan and I have in heaven.  I've never been able to quite find the right thing.  Dates don't seem fitting because I don't want to dwell on the sadness of those dates, but rejoice that we have two angels watching over us.  Today, I was on GroopDealz and I found the perfect bracelet.  A simple silver bracelet you can add initials or names with either baby feet or hearts following the names or initials.

 I've asked the seller to place a heart at the beginning of my bracelet to symbolize our two babies we have lost, then follow that by Drew's name and a baby feet hand stamp and then Kate's name and a baby feet hand stamp.  My babies may not all be with me here on earth, but they will now be on my wrist and are forever in my heart and a part of our family.

 Have a very happy and safe memorial day weekend.  Thank you to all those who serve or have served to protect our freedoms.  

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Kismet21 said...

I love this idea! It made me tear up!

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