The flu may be the end of this blog and me

   Our household has been hit by the pukey flu for the past week.  First Drew started by barfing one night at dinner.  I thought he had choked on a carrot.  He then kept saying his tummy hurt.  That night he woke up screaming and had once again gotten sick but this time in his bed.  He is what I like to call our considerate puker.  He gets sick and its usually contained in one area.  Drew having the flu wasn't that bad and it passed quickly in two days and he was back to his normal crazy three year old self.

   We thought we were past the flu until Saturday evening when we were coming home from a BBQ at a friends house and as we are pulling up our street Kate gets sick in her car seat.  If you've ever had your child get sick in their car seat you know the challenge we were facing right then and there.  Trying to clean up a huge car seat that is puke ridden is about as pleasant as taking the ACT exam.  It sucks, there's no way around that.  So we get poor Kate cleaned up in the bath tub, the car seat hosed down and we pray that she too does not come down with the flu.  Did I mention that at 6AM on Sunday morning Brendan was leaving for a business trip... Awesome...

   Sunday morning rolls around we say goodbye to Brendan and Kate sleeps 12 hours and I say every prayer I know that she isn't sick.  She wakes up Sunday, I try to feed her breakfast, she eats a little and BARF!!  She however is not my considerate puker.  Now, I'm not a jerk face and the most important thing here is that my daughter felt awful and I felt horrible that there was nothing I could do for her.  This little lady has some projection when she pukes.  I swear, every inch of her and me in the past 48 hours has been covered in puke.  It's my new perfume, barf scent.  

    Sunday evening I took Drew to get dinner and Kate seemed to be doing OK so we all piled in the car and went for a ride.  I'm not kidding when I say we were pulling in our garage and BARF!  She puked on her second car seat.  This little lady is talented and I literally wanted to kicked myself in the teeth for putting her in the car and not just ordering take out.  So now I've had two huge pain in the rear car seats to clean, the second one was totally my own fault.  

  Thankfully, today I think we are on the upswing of the flu.  If we aren't I think I may be put over the edge or have to embrace the puke smell as my new aroma.

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