I'm going to have gray hair

A few weeks ago Brendan and I were going to attend a Kenny Chesney concert in Des Moines about 35 minutes away. We picked our friends up at 5:30PM and headed off to meet two other couples at the pre-party before the concert. We arrive, park, buy an $8 beer, a $9 margarita, and a $5 cheeseburger. I had time to chow down my my tasty burger and take two sips of my delicious marg and our sitter calls. Now, our sitter who has babysat for us countless times and has watched Drew since he was 3 months never calls, she always texts me.

I answer and she tells me that they were at the playground and he fell and split his chin open. Thankfully her mom that is also a nurse was nearby came to take a look at him and she thought he needed to be taken to the ER. So we set our hardly touched drinks down, hand over our tickets and head back home to meet our sitter at the ER with Drew. Thankfully our sitter is amazing and her little sister who is 11 comes with her to hang out with the kiddos, and she is wonderful as well. They along with their mom and older sister packed up the kids in our second vehicle and head up to our local ER while we head home. I was able to call ahead and gave the ER permission to treat him in our absence.

We arrived about 20 minutes after Drew and our sitter arrived and the poor guy was covered in blood. His chin was in fact split open and scraped to high heaven. He had fallen off a swing, and fell on to the gravel below. Our sitter and her little sister felt awful and kept apologizing. The little sister was in tears and that made my heart break in two. I gave her the hugest hug and told her it could have happened while he was with any one of us. Heck, he knocked himself unconscious on our kitchen floor while we were both home. These things happen to adventurous little boys that like to climb, hence why he's going to give me gray hair.

Our sitter took Kate back home to go to bed and we stayed with Drew to get stitched up. We figured out that we didn't have a car seat in our car so Brendan ran home and got some things to make Drew more comfy. It was a good thing he did because we were in the ER for three and a half hours. Our doctor and nurse were great and fabulous with Drew. He had two cuts, the larger cut his tooth had gone through which was a vertical cut on the front of his chin and the other was a cut on the cusp of his lip. The doctor decided to glue the vertical cut on the front of his chin to give him a better chance at less of a scar and she suggested we let the cut on the cusp of his lip heal on its own. Drew was such a brave little boy and cried very little while getting his cut glued together and bandaged up.

The next day he was very swollen and sore. You could tell his mouth and lips were sore and eating, drinking and talking we're difficult. Each day has gotten a little better, and each time we change his Cars bandages we get to see the cuts and they seem to be healing quite nicely and the swelling is improving daily. Drew's adventurous side hasn't changed whatsoever! I'm going to be gray by the time I'm 35, either that or I need to wrap my child in bubble wrap. He's a daredevil and two ER visits in two months haven't seemed to deter him.

I'm so thankful he's OK, and we have amazing sitters who love our children and take such great care of them. Now where can I find a large roll of bubble wrap?

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