Things I'm loving for spring

  It's finally spring here in Iowa.  After a lovely winter that lasted what has felt like FOREVER we finally have some nice weather and it's finally time to break out the spring clothes.  This spring I am loving color, now don't get me wrong I am still and will always be in love with a classic black piece of clothing, it's my security blanket.  However, this spring there is color popping up everywhere and I am loving wearing it. 

  When I shop I am bargain Betty.  I am not opposed to spending a little more on staple items in my closet but for trendy pieces that are "in" at the moment I am all about the best bargain.  I usually do most of my shopping online because we live in podunk Iowa and the nearest mall is 45 minutes away and shopping with the kids is about as pleasurable as a massage with loud rock music playing.  Thankfully a lot of stores are now offering free returns and free shipping, BONUS! 

  Just last week I found two skirts at Old Navy that arrived at my doorstep yesterday and I am really liking them.  Today I actually wore the embroidered skirt and paired with an off white cardi and leopard flats and a mint bubble necklace. 
I love how soft this skirt is and the model must be a ton taller than I am because the skirt hits me just above my knee.  I paired the skirt with the Anna Cardi from Banana Republic.  I purchased this cardi for Easter when they were having their 40% off sale on regular priced items.

I then added some leopard flats that I've had forever from my happy place, Target.  I added a mint bubble necklace that I recently found on Simple Addiction, which you should all check out.

A few other piece I found at Old Navy that I am loving seem to be really versatile and could work for work or a casual day at home with the kids. I love pieces that I can transition from day to night or from spring to summer and then to fall when adding tights and a cardi.

This skirt is very lightweight and will be perfect for summer and can even be a swimsuit cover-up.  The other skirt I purchased recently was from Target and once again I am IN LOVE!  First off I love kelly green!  Not as much as black let's not get crazy people but it may be a close second.  I found this skirt again online because when the kids and I are at Target it's a quick in and out and there is no time for me to look at clothes.  Not to mention we DO NOT EVER go to the back of the store, it is the devil's corner, or as everyone else refers to it....the toy aisle.  If we go back there all hell will break loose and there will be tears and let's get real why would I do that to myself.  Let's just stick to the grocery, pharmacy and card aisles.  Back to the fabulous kelly green skirt, it hits just at the top of my knee and it's fab that's all you need to know.  If you like green snatch this baby up!

The picture does not do it justice, I swear it's not ugly. 

  Now let's chat jewels.  I was in a rut with my accessorizing and then I hit up two websites and found some great pieces that were super affordable and amazingly adorable.  A lot of you have probably heard of them but I'll post them anyway to profess my love out loud.  First is Simple Addiction, they have several items posted daily and I have now placed two orders with them and their shipping is QUICK.  I have placed orders with a similar site and I have had to wait months to receive my product.  With Simple Addiction I received my new jewelery within a week and a half.  The other site I am loving is Groopdealz, I again have placed a few orders with them and again their shipping time is impeccable.  I've been very happy with the products I have ordered and for very little cost I have been able to get a few new colorful pieces to accessorize with.

A few other random things I'm loving this gorgeous May day;

Sleeping with the windows open

17 days of school left and then I am off for the summer and will be home with the kiddos for 3 months.

                                                        Strawberry Icebox cake
This cake is AMAZING!!!  I originally found it on Pinterest and it's so easy to make.  I made it for our small group that was to happen at our house one Sunday evening but a few of our members got sick so we had to cancel.  I may or may not have eaten about 3/4 of the 9x13 pan of this cake.  It's a no bake cake which suits me and my cooking style so well and it tasted like a little slice of heaven.  You can find the recipe here.

What are you loving for spring?



kari said...

Those skirts are cute!

Adam Sophea said...

melting for the cake ;)
nice blog!
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