Kate 8 months

  I need to catch up on Kate's monthly posts because I'm only oh about 5 MONTHS BEHIND! OH LORDY!!! Better late then never, her baby book is about as behind as I am on her monthly posts. Second child syndrome, I guess. Now I understand why my mom had so many less pictures of me then that of my older sister. It's OK mom, now I totally understand!

    Kate hit 8 months back in December...Again it's only almost MAY now. We were busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas but yet I should have sat down and written this, but alas I didn't. Our peanut was still a peanut back in December. Funny thing is I just looked at my pictures of her back in December and she wore her same Christmas jammies just last night. Kate is just a teeny little lady, but she's healthy and that's all  that matters.  At 8 months Kate was 16lbs. and 25 inches long.  She was still as bald as can be and cut her first tooth in late December.

As far as sleep at 8 months Kate was going to bed around 6:45PM and waking up 1-2 times a night to eat 6oz. of formula.  She would then be up for the day around 6:30/6:45am.  She was taking 2 naps a day one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  She had a pretty darn good schedule and transitioned well from day care to home and back over Christmas break.  Kate started eating more solid table foods this month.  She really is a good eater and loves yogurt.  We introduced some puffs, and toast this month and she seemed to really like it.  

I was lucky enough to have 10 days of Christmas break off with the kids and we spent the majority of the at home just playing with their new toys and enjoying some much needed family time.  We also didn't travel over Christmas, we had celebrated with Brendan's family over Thanksgiving and my family lives very close.  Brendan and I have made the decision that we will be in our home on Christmas morning each year.  This year with Kate being 8 months and Drew being 2 years old was so much fun.  Kate absolutely loved the paper and Drew loved helping her open her gifts.

Right after Christmas Kate met a huge milestone and started pulling herself up to a standing position.  Look out world, here she comes!
Kate's demeanor hasn't changed.  She is happy most of the time and cries very little.  Teething has seemed to trip her up a bit and made her fussy, but a cold chew or a dose of Tylenol and she's a happy camper.  She wakes up happy and smiles A LOT!  We are so blessed to have such a happy little girl.  I'm noticing so many differences and similarities between Drew and Kate.  I knew having a second child would bring a different experience but Drew was just a more difficult baby.  He needed more and that's OK, it's been very refreshing to have Kate and her easy going ways.  I love both of my children more then I could have ever imagined, they are just so very different, yet look identical. 

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