Brendan and I traveled to the teeny tiny island of Nevis in the West Indies the Saturday after the 4th of July. The kids stayed home and were spoiled by my parents and a couple of our sitters that they love dearly.  

While in Nevis we stayed at the Four Seasons and it was an amazing and beautiful resort.  Traveling there and back was smooth.  We flew to the island of St. Kitts and took a short boat ride to our hotel.  We spent 7 days just relaxing and enjoying each others company.  We also celebrated my 31st birthday while in Nevis.  It was such a relaxing week, I would highly recommend Nevis and the Four Seasons to anyone looking for a quiet getaway.

The view from our room.
Right outside our room, the path to the ocean and pools.
Cabana restaurant and the beach.
18th hole green and Nevis peak at dust.
The reflection pool for adults only.  We spent a lot of time reflecting.

Ocean pool.
Brendan went deep sea fishing one morning and he caught two fish!  A wahoo and mahi mahi.  The captain was so kind and gave us some of the fish to take back to the hotel and have them grill for lunch the next day.  Brendan said it was delicious, I don't eat seafood so I took his word for it.

It was great to just take our time eating dinner and have meaningful conversations with my wonderful husband. We get so caught up in our everyday lives at home that it was a much needed break to just be a couple again.
Our last night in Nevis.

My birthday dinner.

Hitting golf balls filled with fish food into the ocean.

Nevis peak.
We had such a great and relaxing time in Nevis but we were ready to get back home to the kiddos and return to normal life.  Vacations are such a blessing but our life at home is the biggest blessing of all.  

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