July 4th

This post is only about 2 weeks overdue, but such as life right better late then never.  After July 4th Brendan and I took off for vacation and just returned on Saturday evening.  With us taking off early Saturday morning after July 4th we made a quick day trip out to my parents lake house where my siblings and their families were also spending the day.  My sister and her fiancé were in from Boston and my brother and my sister in law were in from Milwaukee and of course my older sister and her family were there as well.  It's a rare occasion that EVERYONE is together all at once so we started the day with a family picture.
We were shocked everyone is looking, even the babies.  My parents were pleasantly surprised.  7 small kids, 4 original siblings, 4 spouses, 2 parents and two dogs.  It was not easy but we did it.  My mom now has her Christmas card.  

Then it was time to enjoy the sand and sun!
The kids were decked out in their red, white and blue.
Kate could have spent the entire day in the sand, she loved it!
Drew was so excited about the jet ski.  My sister, Karin took him on a ride first, then he couldn't get enough.  
We took a family boat ride and even though this was only Kate's second boat ride, she acted like an old pro.
The kiddos took naps in the afternoon and we were able to catch up with my siblings and their spouses.  We love their spouses and so wished they lived closer.  My sister and her fiancé are getting married in October and our whole brood is traveling to Boston for the event.  After nap time it was more beach and lake time.
Then we had to head home and get ready for vacation.  We skipped watching any fireworks other than on You Tube. Both Drew and Kate despise loud noises.  I hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July!!

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Rose said...

This looks like a dream! My husband's parents used to live on a lake in NW Iowa and I always dreamed about how much fun it would be to take our family there. However, they moved before Michael was born and I was so sad. Can't wait to hear about your awesome vacay!

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