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Like I said in my last post we've been busy and just enjoying the nice weather.  Iowa had a craptastic spring, so it's been a welcome change for us to be able to be outside almost everyday!  

Last weekend we traveled to Dubuque for Brendan's business meeting and oh my goodness gracious did Drew have a blast.  Our hotel had a water park in it and we went on a river boat cruise.  That little boy was in heaven, he saw even inch of that boat and even had the captain honk the horn. Made his day!

I've also started working two mornings a week helping out friend and photographer with all of her business stuff.  Just something to keep me busy this summer and give the kids a break from mom and a chance to see their friends at day care.  So far my duties have included; rocking a newborn client to sleep, choosing photos for the new website, creating an app for clients and getting a new pay system up and running.  I'm loving it, something totally different then I'm used to.

Drew started swimming lessons this week and again had a blast.  He's a little fish, but he wouldn't ditch his sunnies for his lesson.  He's a true sunny lover.  

I've also started an Instagram closet to sell a few things from our closets .  You can check it out at abigailleighscloset on IG.

I hope you're all having a great summer thus far!

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CampDallas said...

Grand Harbor?! Love Dubuque!!

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