Back to work

Today marked my return to work after two and half months.  We were up and out the door bright and early.  The kids were off to day care and I was back at my desk as if I never left.  It felt good to be back but it also marked the end to a beautiful and fun filled summer.  

I basically shut down on the blogging front this summer while I was home with kids.  I found myself busy but also when I had a free moment I wanted to plan our next activity or clean up our last craft project.  We didn't do anything monumental by most standards but we enjoyed our time together.  I loved watching my kids interact with each other, play with one another and just love life. Not every day was unicorns and fairies. There were days that I was ready to throw my hands up in the air give each child a bag of Cheetos and crack my bottle of wine, but we powered through.   I feel so blessed to have a job where I am able to be home in the summer, and work part time during the school year.  I feel like I've found my balance, not all the time, but most of the time.  

Summer was a welcome break to just relax and enjoy life, watch my children play, grow and explore.  

  We spent the 4th of July at my parents lake house. 

There is nothing more my kids love then sand and water.

We spent tons of time in our backyard.

Sometimes it was in our underwear...
We took wagon rides.

And finished a landscaping project in our backyard.

We took a river boat cruise while we were at Brendan's 3 day business meeting.

Grandpa and grandma came to visit from Ohio.
I ran the Dirty Girl mud run in July.  The mud smelled horrible and I may have gagged.

Drew and Kate got dirty doing crafts

We had family car washes

And went to the awesome Iowa State Fair!!

Who likes tractors? I DO!!!

Now we've started to get ready to send Drew to his first year of pre-school.  Someone hold me!  I feel like he should still be a baby and not be going to school.  He'll be going to a small Christian pre-school two mornings a week.  He is sooooo excited, like jump up and down, pee your pants excited.  Every time we drive past the church he points out his school.  We have his backpack all ready, and his teacher meet and greet next week.  

This summer was so enjoyable and one I'll remember forever.  Although I love being home with the kids I'm looking forward to this new stage in our lives as Drew starts school, and all these new experiences this brings to our family.  

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